UK Official Release Date + US News

We already had some rumours regarding the moving of the UK release date from 25 May to 21 September, but today we know it’s really official. According to Ol Parker Twitter, Now Is Good will be released in the UK on 21 September of 2012, and Warners Bro, are very supportive of the movie, which means we will have lots of promotion. Now about the US release date. He didn’t say when it will be release, but it seems that they are working on that, and of course he will tell us when there’s something definite.


2 thoughts on “UK Official Release Date + US News

  1. Hi: I’m trying to get publicity photos for an interview we did with Eric Wilson on the making of Now is Good? Can you teel me who to contact? Our pub is based in the US

    • Hello Sally. This is an fan made website of the movie Now Is Good. However I wrote to the director of the movie, Ol Parker, asking that question. If he answers me I will let you know. In the meanwhile I found this website which I think belongs to Erik, and has a contact area:

      Can you, after you publish the interview, tell me something so I can put it here with the proper credits?

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