Photos from Manchester Red Carpet + Q&A

Following the film-showing, Ol Parker and Dakota came to the front of the cinema to attend a Q&A session with the audience. The answers both gave to the inquisitive audience members only highlighted both their dedication and passion for what it is they do.

Fanning explained that, whilst she had a young friend who had passed away after a battle with cancer, she had not drawn on personal experiences too much for the role. She went on, elaborating, that it is important for you to remain separate from the characters you play in order to keep professional and do a good job (and we imagine stay sane – as many of those she has played have been extremely intense…) Director Ol Parker, whose honesty, humour and friendliness was evident from the start, praised Dakota for all of her efforts in the film joking that one day [I’d be] “begging her for a job”.

After the Q&A session came to a close and Fanning and Parker left the theatre, the rest of us made sure we’d dried our eyes and shuffled back out into The Printworks and back to the real world.

Text Source: VIVA


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