Review by Zachary Mandell

Stars: 3 out of 5

The movie “Now is Good” is based on the Jenny Downham novel, “Before I Die.” It’s the story of 17-year-old Tessa, who is dying of leukemia. Rather than going gently into that good night, Tessa, brilliantly played by Dakota Fanning, decides to live each moment to the fullest and compiles a list of the things she wants most to do before she dies. What follows is a heart-warming, and at times wrenching, tale of what goes on in the mind of a dying girl. Continue reading

Review by Jack Foden

Titanic. The Notebook. Up. The list goes on, unlike the extent of my emotional reaction to each. Partly due to there clearly being room for Jack on the debris after the great ship sank, partly as an animated character who owns a balloon house is vaguely inconceivable, partly due to being only able to focus on Rachel McAdams, and partly because I am a heartless teenager, I was unable to cry. And yet, apparently Now is Good, coming to cinemas in September and produced by BBC Films, has achieved the impossible, which I shamelessly admit: to make a supposedly callous teen cry, not once, not twice but a stunning three times. Continue reading

UK Official Release Date + US News

We already had some rumours regarding the moving of the UK release date from 25 May to 21 September, but today we know it’s really official. According to Ol Parker Twitter, Now Is Good will be released in the UK on 21 September of 2012, and Warners Bro, are very supportive of the movie, which means we will have lots of promotion. Now about the US release date. He didn’t say when it will be release, but it seems that they are working on that, and of course he will tell us when there’s something definite.

128 New Promotional Stills

A big update today! Thanks to Kinopoisk we have now more than 100 new promotional stills. And keep promoting the movie, this website, the trailer, so more people will know about this amazing movie and story. Enjoy! Continue reading