Jeremy Irvine

Jeremy Irvine, born Jeremy Smith, is a British stage and screen actor. He was educated at Bedford Modern School, an independent school in the county town of Bedford in Bedfordshire, England, followed by the National Youth Theatre and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Jeremy played the role of Luke in the Disney television series Life Bites and has appeared with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 2010-production of Dunsinane. Jeremy is  the lead character in the Steven Spielberg film “War Horse”, an adaption of Michael Morpurgo’s novel also entitled War Horse. He is Adam, Tessa’s boyfriend, in the movie Now Is Good.


One thought on “Jeremy Irvine

  1. Jeremy Irvine is great actor and he shows his emotions in a way that nobody can describe. My first time seeing him was in Life Bites, then I was amazed by his terrific acting in War Horse. Even though he is still young I believe he can be a huge Hollywood sensation, even larger then he is now.

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