London Premiere Coverage

The premiere of Now Is Good already started. Keep updating this post, as more pictures will come.

Dakota is wearing Stella McCartney dress and jimmy chou shoes.

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Interview of Dakota Fanning and Ol Parker by VIVA

The Team VIVA recently attended the red carpet premiere at The Printworks of the fabulous new film ‘Now Is Good’. However before they were even making their way across town to the big screen, they were lucky enough to meet both the film’s star (Dakota Fanning) and its wonderful director (Ol Parker). Continue reading

Q&A with Ol Parker at Now is Good Press Conference (09/04/12)

What follows below is the transcript of a press conference to launch the movie Now Is Good, at London’s Cineworld Haymarket on 4th September 2012 transcribed by Spencer Hawken.

The article contains some minor spoilers.

Ol Parker – Can I just say before we start, I just got off a night flight and I have no idea who I am, or what my name is so if I talk absolute ass then I apologize.

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UK Official Release Date + US News

We already had some rumours regarding the moving of the UK release date from 25 May to 21 September, but today we know it’s really official. According to Ol Parker Twitter, Now Is Good will be released in the UK on 21 September of 2012, and Warners Bro, are very supportive of the movie, which means we will have lots of promotion. Now about the US release date. He didn’t say when it will be release, but it seems that they are working on that, and of course he will tell us when there’s something definite.

Trailer To Be Released This Weekend (Updated)

Great news for those who are waiting for the trailer of Now Is Good. According to Ol Parker’s twitter, the trailer of Now Is Good will probably be released until Monday, and if it’s not untill then, it will be next week.  More information of where it will be released soon. And more good news about the movie. The soundtrack is now complete.

Update (03/01):

The trailer will be released this weekend. More information probably tomorrow.