Title Sequence – Initial Test (Video)

A big thanks to Richard Morrison who reminded me to see the initial test of Now Is Good’s title sequence. Here is some information about the video.

This is the first stage testing we did after Rotoscoping Dakota Fanning from the original footage. We placed in the line drawings into our 3D space to be able to start building the first scene. Then added a little colour just to get a feel of how this might all come together.


Title Sequence: Preview [Video]

Richard Morrison, and his team, made the title sequence for the movie Now Is Good. For those who don’t know him, he is one of the world’s leading designers of film title sequences. In three decades, he has created over 150 title sequences – from blockbuster movies to cult classics – for many of the industry’s most respected film directors and producers. He will release the full title sequence, when Now Is Good is released (May).

For now, and untill we see the trailer, these are the first images of the movie, so enjoy! And don’t forget to visit Richard Morrison’s website.